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1:1 Mentoring

Yep, you heard it right. This pair of seaside-dwelling, Harry-Potter-obsessed humans who fell in love on plastic chairs in a school hall now offer 1:1 mentoring.

We’ve been lucky enough to have the advice and support of some ridiculously talented photographers and all-round awesome people throughout our wedding photography journey. Right from the start, we asked for help, and we got it. We’ve really been able to push forward to the point we’re at now because we wanted it badly enough to ask for help. We’ve taken a lot from this industry and now is the time to to give something back. It’s our turn to start helping you.

So, where are we now? For the past four years in business, we’ve continually reinvented our shooting and our business to suit our own ever increasing standards. Good isn’t good enough for us. It never has been, even from day one. If we tell each other we’ve got a good shot, we then keep working on it until we make it great. And good shouldn’t be good enough for you either. We want only the best for ourselves and our couples, and to keep delivering authentic and meaningful work with impact time after time. We want to find those WOW moments and show only that.

So how will mentoring help? Well, sometimes, all you need is an impartial second opinion, or an outsider to make you think beyond the scope of what you’re currently doing. That little glimmer of ‘oh, that was SO obvious, why didn’t I think of that!?’ is sometimes all we need to start making positive change. Sometimes though, you really just need a hard kick up the arse to get out of a creative rut and start working towards your true potential. We’ve had that more than a couple of times over the past year and we’ve never been more productive.

We’ve made hundreds of bloody silly mistakes, we’ve wasted a good few thousand pounds on ideas we were convinced were ‘the one’, and we’ve had to desperately invent solutions to complex problems on-the-fly more times than we can count. We’ve also summoned the courage to make decisions that work for our business, regardless of whether or not they work for someone else’s. We’ve put our heart and soul into carrying on and working harder, pushing for the next level in our work even when we’re feeling burned out to the max.

We know from experience just how game-changing pragmatic critique can be. To everything in our business. So, when you sign up with us we’ll give you the full brutal truth; the full experience of what we go through to reinvent ourselves and push to the next level.

We won’t hold anything back. We also won’t tell you that our way is the best. Our way is the best for OUR business. When it comes to your business, we want to help you realise your potential, achieve your business goals, and even give you a little perspective change along the way. Are you feeling lost? We want to guide you. Are you struggling? We will give you the motivation you need to push your business to the next level.

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