Oddfellows on the Park Wedding Photography – Monochrome Edition

Jan 14, 2018

Oddfellows on the Park Wedding Photography - Monochrome Edition; one of the things we love about photography, is that inimitable ability to capture the split-second emotional moments, which would otherwise be lost to time.

As much as we adore the epic, dramatic sunsets and the scene setting of beautiful venues. It’s the tiny, transient moments that drive us. It’s one of the things that makes the microclimate of a wedding SO perfect for these magical interactions. One of the greatest challenges in photography is to be able to capture that with authenticity and soul.

Before we started to photograph weddings, were were both pretty obsessed with bringing texture into our photography. Also, we loved shooting light and shadow. Focussing on the interplay and contrast in our landscapes and city scenes. We loved gritty authenticity. Distilling our pictures down to the essence of what attracted us to that scene or that subject at that time, in that place.

We discovered early on that a wonderful tool - black and white processing, had a powerful impact on our mindset when photographing. Removing the element of colour allows texture and lighting contrasts to really shine. Throughout our wedding photography journey we have been searching for ways to make black and white a real photographic tool, with specific intent and purpose to our images.

The focus of our wedding photography being those transient emotional moments, we now love how we can simplify our images to their emotional core to a greater degree with black and white conversion. By focussing attention to the most fundamental elements of a moment, we can elicit more feeling of being present in that moment. That’s our ultimate aim. When we edit in black and white, it’s not a numbers game. We don’t aim for 40% black and white just for variety. These images were made for monochrome from the moment we started to compose the shot.

Here are some of our favourite moments from Verity and Andy’s wedding at the fabulous Oddfellows on the Park in Cheadle, Manchester.

[flo_video] https://vimeo.com/251041590 [/flo_video]

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Thanks to the suppliers who helped to make the day so special:

Venue: Oddfellows on the Park, Cheadle 

Flowers by Hazel Grove Flowers

Hair & Makeup by Nyla Ambreen

Dress by Alegria

Venue Styling by I Do Venues

Cake by Princess and the Cupcake


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Wedding Photography Oddfellows on the Park

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