A Lancashire Beach Pre-Wedding Shoot – Julia & Andrew

Mar 28, 2018

A Lancashire Beach Pre-Wedding Shoot with Julia & Andrew; Ok, so we went to the beach in November.

That’s not really THAT unusual for us, as we kinda live there and it’s just a stone’s throw from our house. It didn’t make it any warmer though, and as luck would have it, the rain started as soon as Julia & Andrew walked into view at St Annes Pier.

But Oh Well. We don’t let a little thing like the good old British weather spoil what has the potential to be a great shoot. And these two were just stellar. I mean, they were up for anything. Anything. So, with the wind in our faces, wet sand blowing sideways down the beach, they followed us trustingly as we counted down the seconds until THAT most amazing sunset was going to break the clouds and provide us with some awesome light for a few minutes.

In photography, most of the time we’re waiting. We’re desperately willing elements to all come together in a perfect combination of light, composition and moment. All of those things has to align to make something truly special, memorable, with epic impact that’s going to resonate. And that’s a really rare thing. But when we spot the potential for this, we go for it whole-heatedly. We don’t hold back, wimp out, and we don’t even care if it fails. We have to try, we have to push to make something rather than think ‘ahh well, we’ll go for it next time’. That’s what drives us, and that’s where the magic happens.

On this day, it happened. We had an AMAZING couple, in the most miserable conditions possible, until it changed in seconds, into the most incredible dramatic light. Here’s what we got up to with Julia & Andrew xxx

[flo_video] https://vimeo.com/261634753 [/flo_video]


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