Katie & Matt’s DIY Wedding, Nana’s Garden & The Villa Wrea Green, Lancashire

Nov 12, 2016


When Katie and Matt asked us to photograph their intimate, back-garden wedding at Katie’s Nana’s house, we instantly fell in love with the idea.

Not only have I known Katie since we were four years old, but Bob (Chris) who officiated the ceremony, is a great friend of Katie’s and officially part of the Fairclough Studios family as one of our former grooms.

Katie and Matt’s wedding was an absolute joy to be involved in – we focus on the emotion, the connection between people, and building real documentary stories of two people in love, surrounded by those they truly care about. This intimate gathering of old friends, close family and in such a personal and beautiful setting, had everything that we value in wedding photography, and a lot more besides.

We began the day at the Clifton Arms hotel on Lytham seafront. After a few minutes of chatting, I left Katie to the morning preparations and headed off to Nana’s house. This was in Newton-with-Scales near Preston, and I met up with Matt and the family. The preparation was in full swing. With food being prepared, the garden being transformed into a beautiful ceremony setting. A floral arch, hanging lanterns, beer-filled wheelbarrows, and little personal touches everywhere to reflect the fun, natural atmosphere of the day.

After the ceremony, we took Katie and Matt off for some portraits. Newton-with-Scales is a beautiful village surrounded by the Lancashire countryside, and so a short walk from Nana’s house.

We found some gorgeous country lanes and fields to get the sense of place. Katie and Matt loved getting away on their own for a few minutes with us before returning to the wedding breakfast and speeches. The wedding breakfast was an incredible buffet. Prepared by all the family that morning, and we sat with the party for a brief break and amazing food before the speeches started.

After the speeches, we headed to The Villa in Wrea Green for the evening reception. We raced the setting sun first, parking clumsily at The Villa, grabbing our cameras and running through farmyards, gates and lanes to catch the last of the sunset. It was truly spectacular, and we photographed this gorgeous pair enjoying the last of the incredible light before heading in for the party, dancing, and the end to an incredible day.

Thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers, it was a truly wonderful day, and we’re so happy we got to share it with you xxx The slideshow images are the same as below, so watch or scroll to view. Enjoy the blog xxx

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Thanks to the suppliers who helped to make the day so special:

Venue: The Villa Wrea Green
Dress by Lottie’s Bridal Boutique


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