We are Katie and James and when we met one windy night at the local photographic society here in St. Annes in 2009, we had no idea that eight years later we’d be sitting here telling you how we’re now full time wedding photographers. We’re so blummin’ lucky to have found each other AND that our passion for photography is as wild as one another’s!

How did we get to be wedding photographers I hear you ask! Well – James falling out of love with his path in music production and acoustics, turned his tech-geekery to creating imagery instead. I found my love for photography completely by accident during a brief module on my graphic design degree – something just inspired me like I’d finally found my voice after spending years (attempting to) draw, print, paint and design. We met, fell head over heels, got married in 2013, had a husband and wife team shoot our big day and that’s when it hit us. We love photography, we love weddings. LET’S DO THIS THING!


We love a good bottle of red with some cheese and biscuits, kitties on our knees and the occasional telly night typically consisting of movies like Harry Potter (we are MASSIVE Potter fans in case you couldn’t tell from the picture above!), Labyrinth, and anything and everything Tim Burton. We love summer BBQs on the beach, picnics in the lake district, a good single malt, our two kitties Baby Wee and Booby (the vets always have a giggle when they call out their names!), the theatre, travel, pugs with their alien faces, gin, fine dining, art galleries, good pub grub (can you see a theme developing here?!)